Current Openings

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

We are accepting applications for children of the following ages on their first day of attendance:
AM & PM Program: Children 2 years 9 months or older. 

Admissions Process

Step 1: Attend a Parent preview

In this session parents will learn about our programs from the AM and PM Directors, find out what it means to be part of a cooperative, learn about member responsibilities, and receive information about our application and enrollment processes.  At the end of the preview, parents will have an opportunity to sign up for a school tour with for their child. 

As space is limited, parent preview sessions are for parents only (no extended family). Infants in baby carriers are welcome. 

Step 2: tour the school with your child

The School Tour is a time for your child to experience the Miraloma environment first-hand. It is also an opportunity for you and your child to meet the Program Director. Upcoming school tour dates are available at the end of the Parent Preview.

We ask that siblings not join on tours, except for infants in baby carriers.


Step 3: Apply Online

After completing steps 1 & 2, parents can apply online. Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are due by March 20, 2019. This due date applies to new families, families with siblings, returning and alumni families. The URL to apply online will be provided to parents at the parent preview session

Decision Letters

Families will be notified of their enrollment status in March. Acceptance letters will be mailed with an enrollment confirmation form. All families that submitted an application will receive a written response.


Wait List

It is not unusual for Miraloma Cooperative Nursery School to have a greater number of applicants than available openings. Families who are not accepted into Miraloma Cooperative Nursery School in the first round will be placed in an unranked waiting list. If an opening becomes available after March, we accept applicants from the wait list based on program balance (i.e., age, gender, diversity).

We encourage families interested in the co-op to contact us in the year prior to the one in which their children are eligible for enrollment (e.g., if you would like to enroll your child for the 2017-2018 school year, contact us to register for a school preview this year, in September, 2016).



Children must be fully toilet-trained, and immunized (for their age range according to the State of California guidelines).

Our program runs year-round and new children may start at any time of year as openings allow, but most start at the co-op throughout the fall term.



Please contact us at with any questions about the application process.