More than just a nursery school.

Miraloma Cooperative Nursery School is more than just a nursery school – it's a community, and any good community comes with amenities for the locals. Our vibrant and dedicated community celebrates the space that it exists in and a variety of amenities have been crafted by teachers and parents alike.



promoting well being & physical development 

Our playground consists of swings, a large central climbing area, see saw, climbing train, playhouse, all surrounded by soft sand.  This outdoor space free-flows with indoor activities and truly takes advantage of the San Francisco climate.


A Little gem straight from the year 1900

Our little red school house was originally build in 1900.  Although their have been many improvements made on the original structure the historic charm shines through in many of the student areas.



an outdoor space to learn about nature

Completed in 2016, the garden is an outdoor space to dig in the dirt and learn about nature. Kids can plant vegetables, tend the weeds, and also take part in watering.  This space is the latest addition to Miraloma Cooperative Nursery School and has been warmly welcomed by the community.

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A daily dose of innovation

Parent teacher led activities are a core part of the school.  Each day a new activity is laid out and they are often innovations in their own right.  These constantly shifting activities ensure that no two days are the same for the kids at Miraloma Cooperative Nursery School.