Making Great Memories

Our families are responsible for every aspect of operating the school. To ensure the success of our programs, every member family must:

  • Perform a school job using their skills and interests (such as enrollment, fundraising, newsletter, maintenance, curriculum, etc.)
  • Attend the monthly membership meeting
  • Provide snack for their child's program once a month
  • Be available to substitute teach once a month, if called in an emergency ("last call")
  • Complete maintenance and housekeeping duties
  • Participate in fundraising efforts

Participating in activities and the running of the school builds a sense of community and also empowers parents to influence their child's education. 

Rewards of Parent Teaching

We rely on a strong foundation of parent teachers. Unlike many co-ops, Miraloma doesn't require all parents to teach weekly, but there are many benefits to being a Parent Teacher. Working closely with our trained teaching staff, Parent Teachers enhance their ability to interpret child behavior and to influence it constructively. They also grow more objective about their own child's development by observing and understanding many children.

Teaching Parent duties:

  • come prepared with an enrichment project to do with the children;
  • lead a snack group; and
  • provide supervision, nurturing, and support.

As many Teaching Parents can attest, this is a unique and rewarding opportunity to get directly involved in your child's education.